Captured by Author — My favourite food

I have been ‘fat’ for a long time now. I was in good shape till 2014, but then I let myself go, and my weight increased significantly between 2014 and 2017. At the beginning of 2018, I decided to take a few drastic steps to lose weight, and it worked…


Photo by Wicked Monday on Unsplash

As some of you might have read previously, I became an Amazon private label seller in 2020. In this story, I discuss the various steps I took to generate sales for my product. …


Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

I was an insecure man. I was an unhappy and depressed person. In this story, I highlight an insecure man’s key traits, my actions that gave my insecurities away and how I improved myself to become a genuinely happy person. A great learning experience has been reading and understanding the…

Nikhil Shukla

Engineer, Scientist and Entrepreneur. Here to share my life experiences and learn from fellow writers.

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